Millennium Park Metra Station

on January 6, 2018
Location: Chicago, IL
Latitude: 41° 52′ 57.54″N (41.882650°N)
Longitude: 087° 37′ 29.85″W (087.624958°W)

In 2010, one of our clients engaged us to help install a series of small cells at all of the Metra stations in Chicago Loop area. As is common with these types of installations, antenna placement, power / telco source, cable routing, and equipment locations were all very acute problems. At this particular station the main ticket / waiting area had an ornamental corrugated metal ceiling which could not be penetrated or removed.

Forge came back with ladders, flashlights, and tools to probe the ceiling through several small access plates. After several hours of work, we discovered a method for routing all of the cable and placement of the antennas.

After the extensive work we performed to ensure a clear, complete, and realistic design, we were very proud of the deliverables and felt confident when everything was handed over to our client for the construction of the system.