Midwest Bank and Trust RT

on January 6, 2018
Location: Long Grove, IL
Latitude: 42° 10′ 34.78″N (42.176328°N)
Longitude: 087° 59′ 26.55″W (087.990708°W)

In the highly restrictive zoning environment of Long Grove, IL, our client had no alternative lease properties beside the Midwest Bank. Forge was asked to come up with a solution as the antennas could not be visible.

Forge went into the attic to investigate the cupola/clock tower of the bank to see its construction. The conclusion was that it would be possible to replace the cupola with a stealth cupola, and that it would be possible to re-use much of the existing structure.

With a thorough mapping and audit, a design was produced for the conversion of the cupola to one that would accommodate antennas, together with an overall design for power, backhaul, mechanical, and the equipment room in the basement.

The project was completed soon after the approvals were obtained and the project was successfully completed without any significant problems.