DAS / Small Cells

on January 6, 2018
More and more DAS and Small Cell Technologies are being deployed to provide coverage in targeted locations, moving radios closer to the subscriber, and or to provide additional call and data-handling capacity in areas with concentrated demands for wireless services.

With tens of thousands of these types of sites planned for the next few years it is important that deployment efforts take advantage of the smaller footprints and technical requirements for operation. But buildings, where we spend most of our time, present unique challenges for wireless connectivity and often have no more than 20% coverage for pocket devices. Buildings with large footprints or impenetrable areas can present unique challenges to deploying reliable wireless coverage. Additionally, modern construction techniques and materials can block and degrade wireless signals leading to dropped calls and lost data connections.

Forge understands the technology and has worked with different neutral host systems at major venues in Chicago and Florida. Our people were involved in some of the very first small cell installations, before they were even “small”.

Forge has provided designs and consulting for installations at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, United Center, Soldier Field, along the Mag Mile, Grant Park, many street corners in downtown Chicago, the McCormick center, six major train terminals, and in several locations in Florida.

We have developed unique techniques for cable routing, antenna placement, accessing power, and equipment connectivity. We will help you plan for your technology life-cycle and routine access and maintenance.

Another dimension of these technologies, as they move our infrastructure closer to the end user, are effective methods of concealment. Each application offers unique challenges in this regard and while there are some common methods which can be employed universally, most often, a custom solution must be orchestrated. Therefore, a good knowledge of architecture and product design is essential in order to merge everything into a single cohesive unit that will not negatively impact esthetics. We have pet these challenges very successfully in the past and feel confident we can offer you advantages you would not otherwise have.

So give us a call so we can discuss how we can help you.