Book Building Project

on January 2, 2018
Location: Detroit, MI
Latitude: 42° 20′ 00.61″N (42.333502°N)
Longitude: 083° 03′ 05.21″W (083.051446°W

Many of our favorite sites at Forge happen to be old buildings. They always speak of some untold mystery and have witnessed things that will never be seen again. Often you can see evidence of some past event, old graffiti, or even old newspapers stuffed wround windows.

In 2002 Forge was working for Nextwave Wireless in Detroit building a 66 site test bed. Among the many intertesting sites was the Book Building. At this location we were tasked with providing the planning and designs for mounting two large microwave dishes near the copper roof for backhaul.

Now there may not be many connoisseurs of Detroit history or architecture but it should be noted that Detroit has a spetacular history and a notable golden age. The Book Building was at the center of this and a very pretigious address even into the 1970’s. At the time Forge was investigating the building it was unoccupied, which allowed us unrestricted access into some fascinating areas. Features in this building one will not see anywhere else.

There is not much in the way of a unique wireless installation, but it was easy finding a method of mounting dishes as a building like this always offers a substantial structure to mount these types of things.